Fall Frenzy II $1500 NLH Main Event Tournament


Ben Diebold held off a strong challenge from Fall Frenzy Warmup Champion Dhimitri Lleshi to take the trophy in the $1500 NLH Fall Frenzy Main Event and the $63,182 that goes with it. There were 182 entries for this tournament bringing the prize poll to $243,880 and paying out the top 23 finishers.

$1500 NLH Fall Frenzy Main Event Top Ten

  1. Benjamin Diebold, Charleston, SC – $63,182
  2. Dhimitri Lleshi, Clawson, MI – $42,374
  3.  Patrick Pigford, Neptune Beach, FL – $24,998
  4.  Guy Caudill, St. Augustine Beach, FL – $15,206
  5.  Stephen Strout, St. Augustine Beach, FL – $11,743
  6.  Roderick Moore, Jacksonville, FL – $9,731
  7.  Edward Mroczkowski, Jacksonville, FL – $8,292
  8.  Michael Cox, Sumter, SC – $7,292
  9.  Brooks Jampole, Tallahassee, FL – $6,319
  10.  Waleed Eadah, St. John’s, FL – $5,365


Day 1 Update

The Final Table is set in the bestbet $1500 NLH November Fall Frenzy Main Event. Stephen Strout is the current chip leader with 1,110,000 in chips. November Fall Frenzy Warmup Champion Dhimitri Lleshi is currently the short stack at the final table, but he still has the chance to capture a pair of trophies for the weekend. Final Table begins at 4:00 and will be livestreamed on bestbet Jacksonville Facebook live and on twitch.tv/bestbetlive.